Asa Boxer, Abigail Lapell and Whacky Poetry Carnival Auction, July 30 2016

ellra poetry 30 july 2016


THE ELORA POETRY CENTRE is holding a special reading by the Montreal poet Asa Boxer, from his new chapbook Etymologies, on 30 July, 2016 at 4.00 p.m.  Asa has read at the Elora Centre for the Arts and the Elora Poetry Centre on several occasions and so we are delighted to have him back once more.  His reading will be followed by another friend, Abigail Lapell, a singer-songwriter who has been here with the Fish Quill poets in the past.

After the reading and Abigail’s performance we will be holding a “Whacky Poetry Carnival Auction!”  Amongst the items being offered for auction will be CD’s, books, the best dress made from paper, the best paper trousers, and the best costume made from leaves! Further details can be found  by telephoning us at 519.846.2551 The auction will be followed by the usual finger food supper and drinks. Payment by contribution. All are welcome.



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