Environmental Sculpture Day

26 May 2018

A big thank you to those who attended our annual Environmental Sculpture Day and the  Elora Puppets who, even though en route they lost Sir Arthur Montgomery-ffinch, who was to have been the attending art critic, still performed their version of Stone Soup.  Soup, focaccia and drinks, plus goodies supplied by guests, followed the work of the day!  Janice Ferri and Peter Skoggard sent some of the photographs of the day which will be on the webpage shortly.

Covenant Chains: A New Folk Opera

Live Reading by croc E moses at 4:00 on Tuesday, April 6!

croc E moses performs Rhythm as My Mother Tongue Funded by The League of Canadian Poets and The Canada Council for the Arts Co-sponsored by the Elora Poetry Centre & Gallery and Renison University College, University of Waterloo Photo credit: Open Book Festival croc E moses – Open Book Festival croc E will be reading and … Continue reading Live Reading by croc E moses at 4:00 on Tuesday, April 6!

Self-Portrait Exhibit

The Self-Portrait Exhibit is still planned to go ahead, as a series of videos. Anyone who is interested, please contact us as we would like to plan this event for late spring / early summer 2021.  A fun event with a minimal $20.00 entrance fee.  Details will be available on our web page.