FISH QUILL POETRY BOAT and The Good Hearted Women



June 15, 2013

FISH QUILL POETRY BOAT and The Good Hearted Women Singers

On 15 June Beaver House hosted an event with exceptional readings and music by the Fish Quill Poetry Boat and a moving performance by the Good Hearted Women Singers.

Fish Quill’s 2013 tour proved a great success, kicking off in Toronto but actually beginning here in Elora with a launch from the low-level bridge in the Elora Gorge Park, adjoining the property of the Elora Poetry Centre. The year’s participants, in addition to Linda and Leigh, were David Seymour, Gillian Savigny, Andy McGuire, and the singer/songwriter Grey Kingdom. Gillian’s performance was sponsored by The Writers’ Union of Canada and The Canada Council for the Arts.

The stirring Fish Quill performance was framed by The Good Hearted Women Singers, who opened and closed the event. Formally called the “Mino Ode Kwewak N’gamowak,” this indigenous group sings, drums, and dances as an opportunity for healing and to form and strengthen new relationships.