Asa Boxer and Max Layton

28 July 3.30 p.m. 

We have a double-bill of two esteemed poets, Asa Boxer and Max Layton, both sons of poets who emerged from Montreal in the 1950’s.  Asa will be reading from his new chap book Field Notes From the Undead along with some wonderful new material composed since his last visit.  Tilly Kooyman will accompany parts of the reading on her clarinet.  Max, eldest son of Irving Layton, will be reading from several of his works, including his latest book of poems LIKE, which has just been published by Guernica Editions. He also accompanies himself on the guitar.  A short question period will follow the two readings and there will be plenty of opportunity to talk to each poet during the light supper and drinks session.

croc e Moses

25 August 4.00 p.m.

croc e Moses, whom several of you may have met here last year, will be reading from a wide range of poems and songs from his thirty years in South Africa.  He will top it off with some new material written since he returned to Canada, where he has been living in rural Ontario.


Bill Bissett and Brian Henderson

29 September 4.00 p.m.

Another double bill to celebrate 100 THOUSAND POETS FOR CHANGE. 

Subject not yet decided but Bill Bissett will be returning for a half reading, continuing from his colourful range of work of last year. Our other featured poet will be Brian Henderson, who has now retired as Director of Wilfrid Laurier University Press. Brian has eleven publications, the latest being [OR] from Talonbooks, published in 2014. He will be reading work from his twelfth publication, Unidentified Poetic Object, forthcoming from Brick next spring.

There will be the usual finger food and drinks following the readings so people can mingle and share news.

Asa Boxer Reading

7 April 2018

Asa Boxer read from his newer works, accompanied by Tilly Kooyman on the clarinet.  A lengthy discussion period followed, after which there was the usual finger food and drinks.  Asa’s new chapbook, Field Notes from the Undead, will be published at his reading at the poetry centre 28th of July.  Copies will be available for purchase.