Environmental Sculpture Festival 2014

June, 2014

June 14th, Noon: : the initiative came from our cruel winter that broke many trees, boughs, branches and left the area looking destitute. Artists Geoffrey Stevens, Jerry Prager, Elana Levine, Jim Reed and Peter Skoggard collected materials from many sources, such as objects from the freezing spring waters of the river, logs and other pieces of wood, rocks, dogwood twigs and pine cones, to create unusual forms.

Later in the day visitors arrived to view the opening of “West Meets East,” an exhibition of Western and Eastern artworks produced in collaboration with poets of the 1950s-1990s.

June 21st: 12.00-5.00 pm “Doors Open.” The Elora Poetry Centre participated in this event, leaving the exhibit from the previous week, “East Meets West,” available for those who might be interested.

June 28th: 3.00-5.00 pm. Fish Quill Poets & Good Hearted Women Singers & Drummers. Poets Leigh Kotsilidis, Linda Besner, Asa Boxer, Abigail Lapell, Jessica Moore
6.00-7.00 pm “The Tree of Inspiration”: Asa Boxer’s poems set to music by Peter Skoggard. Marion Samuel Stevens, soprano; Brett Kingsbury, pianist.

We thank the following people for their invaluable support: Grand River Conservation Authority & Open Book Ontario, for the continued support they have given to Fish Quill. Other patrons who have made this event possible: Ross Skoggard, Ian Skoggard, Geoffrey Stevens, Zehrs Market, Fergus, L & M, Elora, Elisabeth Easterbrook, Hilltop Acres Poultry Products, Dars Country Market, Olive Grove (Elora).

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