The Winter Metaphor

The Winter Metaphor

See the snow upon the ground

so ubiquitous, yet so fleet . . . so seasonal,

a great pause in the enormous speech of nature.

Feel the adversity of cold,

that challenges us to winter sport,

the mad dash from the car,

or that drives us indoors

to read

upon an unilluminated page

whose aesthetics is preceded by twigs piercing the white winter blanket outside.

Observe the early darkness descend,

cornering souls into stillness

or spirits to wild fireside fantasies

filled with a drama of darkness and light.

Contemplate a long, cold, white death,

A death that

. . . melts away

. . . ……… another life,

To another greening awaiting another death awaiting another

greening awaiting

another . . .

(Peter Skoggard, 2014)

100 Thousand Poets Event @ The Elora Poetry Centre

The Open Stage Adventure blogpost on 100 Thousand Poets event at the Elora Poetry Centre

The Elora Poetry Centre is a wonderful example of people opening their home to share poetry, music and food. Hosts Daniel Bratton and Carol Williams moved an 1832 log cabin (the Beaver House) to their property near the Elora Gorge Conservation area and eventually realized their vision of making it a venue to bring poets and poetry aficionados together.

On September 27th, while Elora was all abuzz with Culture Days activities and the Elora-Fergus Studio Tour, the Elora Poetry Centre  offered an evening of poetry readings (Jerry Prager, Morvern McNie, Daniel Kolos), finishing with a performance by Muddy York (Anne Lederman & Ian Bell).

IMG_7404 IMG_7403


These performances were part of 100 Thousand Poets for Change, an initiative happening in over 650 locations around the world, “ a demonstration/celebration to promote peace and sustainability and to call for serious social, environmental and political change”.  While we relaxed, enjoying the poetry and the beautiful surroundings, our host Daniel reminded us that, on this day, some readings would be taking place in cultures where it was challenging and even dangerous to hold such an event.

IMG_7410 IMG_7408 IMG_7413

With this in mind I hope everyone gets out to enjoy the abundance of local cultural offerings this fall!